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Scenic flights

A scenic flight is the best way to take a close look at the island from a bird's eye view. Island hopping and harbour hopping are among some of the most popular flights and can include beach landings and remote destination landings. We can arrange an exciting flight package for you to your desired destination.
  - Contour fly the Rugged Mountains of Vancouver Island and Coastal Mainland.
  - Land your airplane on the "Extreme Runways" of the Canadian Wilderness.
  - Set down on the isolated, untouched beaches that line the coastal shores.

Contour Flying

Rise up to the mountain peaks of Central Vancouver Island and see the ocean from an Eagle's eye view. Dip down into deep valleys and crest the highest snow-capped mountains of the region only to find yourself diving down again hugging closely to the mountainside. Feel the rush of a lifetime on a flight like no other. Let us make the rush come true.

Heli Picnic

Imagine dining on a mountain top with an elegant picnic basket and your favorite champagne. Call your helicopter on the radio when you're ready to come back down from cloud 9. We will be happy to arrange the details for your romantic getaway.


West Canada.


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